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The "Berger de Beauce" is an old french sheepdog . Historically, when the shepherd traveled with his flock, his dog was his only companion and his only means of defence against predators. To understand why this breed was developed and the use to which he was put is to understand the temperament of the Beauceron. This is a dog who was bred to be naturally close to man,to protect anyone or anything that he perceives is weaker than he is. The Beaucerons who are true to this heritage are well-balanced both physically and temperamentally. At "Temple de Feu", we have been selecting and breeding for these qualities in our Beaucerons since 1985. We especially believe in a stable temperament and if you follow "Temple de Feu"'s advice in selecting, breeding and training your puppy, you will find your puppy will adapt itself to your lifestyle. That is why the breeder's part in this selection is so important. Because our puppies are part of our family, we have a tight bond with them and are able to identify their different qualities. In this way, we are able to help you select a puppy whose qualities would best suit your lifestyle. After all, puppies are like children, they may have the same parents but you never find two who are exactly alike. Although the puppies may look alike, you will find one who is an explorer, one who is an observer, one who is always happy, one who is curious....The breeder is also a very important part of the puppy's development during the first weeks. At "Temple de Feu", we have developed exercises aimed at awakening and nurturing the puppies' potential. We have found that if you don't build on their natural abilities they will diminish and eventually disappear. We would be happy to show you exersizes and games to develop your puppies' potential. All of our breeding dogs are X-rayed free of hip dysplasia. You may see any of our breeding dogs at our home.

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